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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  September 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> brian: good afternoon. we start with breaking news at noon. summit county medical examiner has identified the man shot and killed by akron police on sunday. police shot and killed phillip assan sunday afternoon in the parking lot of an apartment building on florida avenue. 61-year-old died from a gunshot wound to the chest. >> tia: well the family of an unarmed black man shot and killed by a white police officer in oklahoma, they are now calling for criminal charges. >> brian: that's right. tulsa city officials have promised transparency and the police department has released footage of the shooting from yesterday. >> this guy's still walking. and following commands. >> reporter: video from a police chopper shows 40-year-old terrence crutcher walking toward his s.u.v. hands in the air.
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they were responding to 9-1-1 calls about an abandoned vehicle. >> it's blocking traffic. >> and there's nobody around it? >> there was a guy running from it. somebody was going to blowup. i think he's smoking something. >> reporter: it's difficult to see exactly what happened as crutcher approached the driver's side window of his s.u.v., but police say he was not cooperating. >> that looks like a bad dude, too. >> you can see him suddenly drop to the ground. >> i think he may have just been tasered. >> police confirm he was tasered. then -- six seconds after he fell -- >> shots fired. >> officials say crutcher was shot and killed by officer betty shelby. she is now on paid administrative leave. >> she is giving him repeated commands. stop. stay where you are. get down on your knees. he ignores all those commands. >> comply? what do you mean? he had his hands up. >> reporter: crutcher's twin
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>> i'm demanding that charges be pressed immediately. the footage is there. the video speaks for itself. >> black lives matter. >> reporter: there have already been some protests and police are promising a thorough investigation. >> i'm going to tell you right here and now there was no gun on the suspect or in the suspect's vehicle. >> brian: now the department of justice has opened up a civil rights investigation over allegations of excessive force. >> tia: demands for an independent investigation into the police shooting of a 13-year-old in columbus. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> and why is a 13-year-old dead when he had a b.b. gun? >> tia: police stopped tyre king and dimitrius braxton after a 9-1-1 call. braxton complied with their orders but police say king pulled an weapon from his
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a harding middle school student arrested after voicing a copycat threat. lakewood schools keeping tight security after a threat was followed referencing columbine. attendance was down yesterday. principal sent a note home to parents encouraging students to come back to school. >> tia: we are learning more about the sicks of sean great, the man accused of women in ashland and mansfield. this woman has been identified as canton native candice cunningham. investigators say grate also confessed to an unsolved murder in marion county. now police are trying to identify the woman killed about 10 years ago. grate says her name started with a "d." >> she was not reported missing from marion county and we have researched all the data bases. we can't find anything in ohio
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identification. >> tia: mansfield police have opened an investigation into the death of rebecca lacy. if she's connected to grate, she could be his fifth victim. >> brian: the f.b.i. is looking into the possible connection between sunday's peeping-tom incident in elyria and the attempted abduction of a 10-year-old elyria girl and the abduction of a sexual assault of a six-year-old girl in cleveland. the f.b.i. says the peeping tom incident has some similarities to those two earlier cases. the elyria attempted abduction happened back in february. soe right from her own bedroom. the cleveland abduction occurred in may. that victim was returned safely later the same day. >> tia: the geauga county sheriff's department is investigating the death of a child sunday afternoon a caller says she struck a child who ran out in front of her car on park avenue in chardon. the child was treated by paramedics and rushed to the hospital where he later died. alcohol does not appear to be a factor.
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khan ramidi is in jail facing charges. prosecutors are weighing the charges over the bombings in new york and new jersey. >> reporter: the father of the tore suspect stood outside the family's home and said he called the f.b.i. two years ago. >> you got a connection with this guy? >> reporter: investigators are piecing together clues about his 28-year-old son and what might have driven him to bombings in new york and weekend. source tell cbs news they recovered a hand written note and a notebook. the writings reveal he might have been radicalized. >> as far as acting alone, that's part of the investigation. they are going to look at friends, family, go through all of his records and social media, his phones. >> the suspect was on the run for just 50 hours before police arrested him in a shootout in new jersey. investigators say he left a trail of clues including both fingerprints and dna. his face was captured by surveillance cameras near the
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rahami is a u.s. citizen born in afghanistan. he traveled recently to afghanistan at least three times and at least once to pakistan. here in new jersey, rahami lived in this house in elizabeth just upstairs from the family's chicken restaurant. the rahamis have clashed with the community over noise complaints and accused the city in antimuslim lawsuit which was later terminated. he's being held on more than $5 million bail and so far is s enforcement. >> brian: law enforcement officials say rahami was not on any terror list or on a no-fly restriction but he had been interviewed while traveling between the united states and afghanistan. >> tia: coming up on cleveland 19 news, in light of yesterday's bombing arrest, terror and immigration are hot topics on the campaign trail. we will hear from both candidates. >> brian: and facebook is putting some trump supporters on
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attention. >> tia: plus akron summa health is one of the first hospitals in the country to perform a procedure using the world's smallest pacemaker.
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>> brian: welcome back. terrorism and immigration continue to be the talk on the campaign trail. >> tia: craig boswell is getting answers on how hillary clinton and donald trump are pushing
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>> reporter: donald trump spoke at a rally in florida and said he doesn't like that accused new york area bomber ahmad khan rahami will be facing the u.s. justice system. >> he will be represented by an outstanding lawyer. his case will go through the various court systems for years. and in the end, people will forget and his punishment will not be what it once would have been. what a >> reporter: rahami, who was born in afghanistan, is a naturalized u.s. citizen. later trump told fox news' bill o'reilly the u.s. has a lot to learn about vetting foreigners. >> you go to israel and they should study. israel's done a phenomenal job. they profile. they aren't happy about it but they do it. >> i am the only candidate in this race who has been part of
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terrorists off the battle field. >> reporter: clinton says the u.s. needs to improve how it grants visas. >> we need a better visa system. let's remember what happened on 9/11. these were not refugees who got into airplanes and attacked our city and our country. so let's not get diverted and distracted by the kind of campaign rhetoric we hear coming from the other side. >> reporter: the latest national polls show clinton up by five points over trump in a four-way >> brian: according to the new spirit revival center website, donald trump will be holding a town hall meeting at the cleveland heights church tomorrow morning starting at 9:00, part of a pastor and leadership conference. >> tia: meanwhile, facebook is cracking down on trump supporters because a lot of them are adding the word deplorable to their names after hillary clinton's gaffe about trump supporters being put in a basket of deplorables. facebook is forcing those people
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the site's terms of service. facebook requires people to use their real names. clinton apologized for the statement. >> brian: straight ahead, a warning from aaa about buying premium gasoline for your ride. >> samantha: all right, let's take a live look outside. a gorgeous day across northeast ohio. lots of sunshine. 80 is our current temperature. does it get any better than this? it's almost october. my goodness. and, feeling but some cooler more fall-like weather is on the way. i'll tell you when it gets here
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>> tia: well bye an gentlemen lena filed for divorce against brad pitt. the decision was made for the health of the family. according to t.m.z. it's over substance abuse. well, paying more for premium gas in some cases could just be a waste of money. aaa says its research found that premium gas does not increase
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your car is designed to just run on regular gas. also does not reduce emissions. premium gas can cost about 50 cents more per gallon. baby jogger is recalling several models of their city go car seats. the national highway transportation says there's some missing information when you buy the product and it may affect your understanding of how to properly use the car seat and can increase the risk of injury to your little one. owners should contact baby information on our website in the seen-on section. kelloggs recalling about 10,000 cases of eggo nutri grain whole wheat waffles. routine tests revealed they may be contaminated with listeria. so far, no one has become. >> tia: lakewood's mayor and fire chief addressed concerns about emergency medical treatment this morning. >> the e.r. at lakewood can do everything that it used to do
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patients to lakewood hospital. >> i am deeply disturbed by the allegations and untruths being spread by people in our community who are politically motivated and who are trying to scare others by attacking our emergency service system here in lakewood. >> tia: since lakewood hospital closed in february, the city says there has been no delay in medical care. it's estimated that 2.7 million americans have atrial fibrillation. >> brian: symptoms can range from feeling your heart is skipping a beat feeling tired all the time. nichole vrsansky getting answers on a breakthrough in treatment for a-fib. >> nichole: 84-year-old suffers from a opinion fib. his heart beats too fast or too slow. treatment often include as pacemaker. >> it delivers an electric impulse to cause the heart to beat. >> but the doctor at summa health in akron is now use the world's smallest pacemaker. >> there aren't many places in
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we are thrilled. >> nichole: the science is substantial. here's your standard pacemaker with the lead. here's the new one. just a little bigger than a vitamin. goes right into the heart with no leads. >> they both go in the heart. the difference is the battery is encapsulated within the pill where the other one has the battery up in the chest wall. >> leads and a traditional pacemaker run from the battery through a reign into the heart. >> there are many lead complications, infections erosions of devices within the with all that have because there's no lead. >> right now only certain patients are candidates. >> primarily it's people with slow heart beats and they are tired from slow heart beats. that's the main reason we do this. it could end up the case that this is the primary technology we use for all pacemakers. >> reporter: he hopes the tiny pacemaker will provide the energy boost he needs to get back it his love of gardening. >> the backyard's full of weeds now. >> oh, but look out next year
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planning his favorites. >> dinner plate dhalias. >> tia: the procedure takes about an hour. patients are released the next day and that's just precautionary. it could eventually become an outpatient procedure. the cleveland clinic, we are told, uses the world's smallest pacemakers, as well. >> samantha: all right. time now 19 minutes after the top of the hour and you guessed it. it's sunny out. weather. so, if you are going to the tribe game tonight, perfect conditions for it. it's not super humid. it will be in the upper 70s at first pitch. gorgeous . lots of sun and then as the sun sets after 7:30, we'll have a mostly clear sky. temperatures right now running on the warm side out in sandusky, we are already in the 80s. 82 in akron and a little cooler out to the east.
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ashtabula and the warren area. the rest of the afternoon, no changes. if you are going to get out and work in the garden or maybe mow the lawn today, wash the car, maybe you are just about to go out and grab a bite to eat for lunch, nothing going on in the world of weather. nothing to slow you down. we will hit about 84 at 2:00 and we will stay there through about 3:00 or 4:00 before dropping down to 80 at 6:00 and eventually into the 70s by 10:00 tonight, 7 mostly clear all night and with high pressure in control through tomorrow, we have nice weather on the way. so, if you are busy, you don't have time to get outside today and enjoy the weather, tomorrow, a rinse and repeat kind of day. 60s in the morning. 82 at midday and then a high tomorrow of 86. so, some of you might actually be a little bit warmer tomorrow and, well, the warm weather is not going anywhere. fall begins on thursday. but it's going to feel like summer all the way through the
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85 on thursday. 84 on friday. but here's the relief. watch how those numbers drop into the weekend. low 70s for your high temperature saturday, sunday, and on monday, as well. now, if you were watching early this morning, i had a weather alert in place for next monday. so, i had this stretch of alert-free weather days. but, here's your newly updated seven-day planning forecast and, well, i took the alert out. so, we know longer have any seven-day forecast. i think that's a first. in quite some time. could see a stray shower, guys, pop up friday or saturday. but, any rain that we see i think would be very light and very isolated. this is a really quiet fall-like forecast with big temperature swings going from the 80s this week into the 70s this weekend. i hope you enjoy it. >> tia: 85 for the start of fall. i love it. >> brian: all right, sam.
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disney's latest halloween costume has people actually moaning in protest. the costume for polynesian god maui from the upcoming film mowana is sparking outrage on social media. he's an ancient chief in hawaiian mythology and not a disney creation obviously. twitter users find the brown skin and tattoos offensive. one tweet said islander tattoos are very sacred and this costume is mocking that tradition. disney has yet backlash. we checked. it's still for sale on the disney store website. >> tia: well, initially i thought it was just, um -- fabric. i didn't realize they were trying to mock tattoos and i think that makes the difference. >> brian: that's why they are upset because the tattoos are -- >> tia: well i wouldn't want my kid to rock that anyway, because -- well, but for it to have some routed tradition, i get why people would be upset. all right. well this story is very
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the catwalk . christopher rolled otarine stone covered crocs during london fashion week. they are weirdly absolutely ridiculously chic. that's what vogue says. >> people wear them because they are comfortable. sam loves the uggs but hates the crocs. there, you go. >> tia: still to come, we have a whole lot more. >> brian: we have some sleight
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>> tia: all right. this is going to be really fun. listen up. a couple of card tricks before we go. a martial arts master can use a deck of cards like a double-edged sword. >> brian: watch what you say to him. watch how fast he can flick these cards in this youtube video, he throws them so fast he can pierce a beer can and it wasn't just a lucky shot. he does it several times in the de >> tia: impressive. >> brian: yeah. now a california magician used a little card trick to convince his girlfriend to marry him. >> tia: yeah. he had her pick out a card from each pile. one was the 10 of diamonds, the other was the 10 of spades. when she pulls them out for the trick's payoff to have them switch sides, she turns them to reveal her boyfriend's proposal. he then pulls the best diamond out of the deck getting down on one knee to propose officially. hopefully lady luck will continue to be on their side.
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>> tia: eventually she says yes. >> samantha: speechless. >> tia: just so plus it teared by it all. >> tia: yeah, he looks happy so i think she said yes. i think she was looking at the ring. she didn't look impressed. >> samantha: did you think so? i was looking for it but i didn't see it. >> tia: exactly. ding ding ding. >> brian: it's the thought that counts. the thought that counts. >> samantha: maybe a little bit. >> tia: no, it's not. >> samantha: well, sunshine feeling fine. we are in the mid afternoon. let's do it again tomorrow. and on thursday. first day of fall we are in the mid 80s but guys we do have a cool down coming if you want to go apple picking, go get yourself a pumpkin or do all the fall things, brian, i know you love everything pumpkin. >> tia: oh, boy. starting to worry me. >> samantha: low 70s. >> brian: i love pumpkins. >> tia: i was supposed that a man is supposed to spend three
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weeks, three times that on the
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>> jill: neither one of you is quitting. would you please sit down? >> billy: i came here to work, not be judged. >> victoria: well, then maybe you shouldn't have slept with your brother's wife. >> billy: really, vick? is that the way it's gonna be? >> victoria: you're all over the tabloids. that's how it's gonna be everywhere you go. >> jill: stop it! we have a very important commercial to prep for. let's get to work. now, cane, i would like you to go over the scripts with billy. >> cane: sure. >> jill: and, victoria, i would like a word with you in private. >> victoria: [ sighs ] >> cane: okay. >> victoria: if this is gonna be how you expect me to cut billy some slack, you can forget it. what he did was despicable. >> jill: you expect an argument out of me? i couldn't agree with you more about my miserable excuse for a


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